darkshadow1227 (darkshadow1227) wrote in audioboxer,

Free Jack's Mannequin Merchandise

Hey guys, just wanted to post about some free Jack's Mannequin merch you can earn. Just click the link below, sign up, and complete some offers. I'm not here to trick anyone, so I'll explain since most of you probably think this is fake or something. You sign up, and then in order to receive a free item, you have to get other people to sign up too. You complete offers, which can be surveys, or stupid offers. You don't need to include your real address or anything in them. They're kind of a hassle, but it's worth it in the end. When you reach enough referals, they'll send you the item of your choice! It's that simple. It is managed by a well respected owner, and it's not a spam or anything of that nature. It's for free because everytime you complete one of their sponsored offers, the site gets paid, which they use to pay for your items! Well, go on and get started!

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